A Disappointed Perfectionist

I'm a perfectionist. It's in my DNA to do things right. I demand from myself the best that can be done. But does this attitude hinder growth?

I take a test get 94%. I wonder why I did so poorly. I write a song and don't like a couple of chord progressions or some of the voice leading. I conduct a choir and don't like how I made mistakes. Can you identify?

Just today I read an article called, "You're Not Good Enough to Be Disappointed." It was thought provoking. It's really not that much to read and absorb, but the point drives home hard.

We need to allow ourselves to be bad at something. We will never get good at anything without being bad at it first. The only ones allowed to be disappointed with their performance are those who have put in years of study and practice.

What happens when you do poorly at something? Do you give up in despair? Or do you figure out what went wrong and fix it next time? Can you allow yourself to be bad at it?

We have to be OK with feeling stupid, clumsy, and inadequate. That's when change and growth can happen.

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