In philosophy class now we are reading the part about the Christian philosophers: Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. The writer of the text, presumably not a Christian, although not a relativist, brought up the seeming unending struggle between faith and reason. It seems faith must go beyond reason, and reason cannot analyze faith. At some point, I think every Christian will go through some sort of struggle on this level. Those of us that are naturally inclined to think too hard struggle in a much deeper way.

But is that altogether necessary? I have wondered that many times. It seems like other Christians don’t need to struggle so much, they just live the Christian life, and things are fine. They don’t need a deeper dimension to life, and are happy the way things are. I kind of wish that were true for me too – it would sure be simpler if I didn’t have to think about things. And yet, somehow there is a depth to my life that wouldn’t be there if I would be simpler like that.

As I wrote earlier, struggle is a part of life, and the things struggled through and for are the things worth having. If faith were simple, everyone would have it, and it wouldn’t mean as much. But it is worth struggling for, is it not? Maybe in the middle of the struggle it doesn’t appear so, but somehow I think it is. To my fellow strugglers – tarry on!

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